How to fine-tune your time management skills in under 5 seconds!

trapper-woods3Each week, time management guru Trapper Woods will share an insider tip to help you make the most of your time.

Today’s Tip from Trapper:

Save Time With Skillful Listening

The skill of listening carefully is an essential time saver. Trying to listen to somebody while walking with him or her down the hallway, simultaneously slicing open your mail, permitting an interruption from a third party, listening on your cell phone in heavy traffic, or simply being preoccupied. It is risky. It is also impolite. Please take a moment to rate your listening skills.

Stop! Do you stop all other activities when somebody is talking to you? If so, give yourself 2 points.

Look! Do you look directly into the eyes of the person speaking? If so, give yourself 2 points.

Listen! Do you listen not only with your face but observe non-verbal signals? If so, give yourself 2 points.

Record! Do you always have a paper journal to note key points, promises and deadlines? If so give yourself two points.

Replay it! Do you feed back what you think you’ve heard? If so, give yourself 2 points.

Add up your points.

Are you a ten when it comes to listening? If you are not, simply practice these five crucial skills and you’ll save time and have more respect.

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