Learn how to communicate your value to new contacts. When you meet someone for the first time, that person will invariably ask you, “So, what do you do?”

Most of us answer with our job title and company name. This does absolutely nothing to enhance your value.

A title can mean many different things, and that person may not be familiar with your company. Instead, tell them how you bring value to your work or organization. What contribution do you make and what are your special talents?

I will never forget two individuals I met who used this technique very successfully. They were able to plant a picture in my mind of them at their very best.

For example, instead of, “I’m a marketing rep with ABC,” one said, “I help people get the word out about their products and services. Last week one of my clients was featured in the Washington Post.” And instead of, “I work for XYZ Company in customer service,” one woman said, “I make angry people happy. Last month, I made sure 23 disgruntled people stayed with us.” I say, “Hi, I’m Laura Stack of The Productivity Pro® Inc. I work with organizations that want more effective employees and people who want to lead more fulfilling lives.” Great greetings grow into great connections!

If you want to go far in your career, you must be able to communicate your value and toot your own horn when you succeed. Management, in most cases, doesn’t take enough responsibility for recognizing peak performers. The onus, instead, falls on YOU.