June is “Great Outdoors Month”

Most of us make sure we allot plenty of time for our business pursuits. But do you ever plan to spend time outdoors?

These days, everyone is so overworked and stressed out about the economy, finances, the possibility of layoffs, homework, sports…the list goes on and on. It’s time to slow down and take advantage of the abundant natural treasures our country has to offer. From the unspoiled shoreline to cool, refreshing forests, there’s a peace and tranquility in the outdoors that is hard to beat!

Exploring the wilder side of life offers important mental and physical health benefits. Activities like walking, hiking, swimming, and boating offer unlimited opportunities to get much-needed exercise, whether it’s in an urban park or remote wilderness. And the “de-stressing” effects of getting away from it all will help you focus on the things that are really important.

So why not block out some time in your planner for getting outside? By presidential proclamation, the entire month of June is “Great Outdoors Month”. So get out there… and celebrate!