“How’s Your Leadership?”, Part 2 of 2, By Bob Prosen

bob-prosen4Read Part 1 to see if you’re rationalizing inferior performance.

Here are six questions leaders must ask themselves in terms of performance:

1. Are you tolerant of excuses?

2. Is there clear ownership of objectives?

3. Are you focusing on what’s most important – the significant few – or the important many?

4. Is compensation tied to results or activity?

5. Have you established the systems and culture to support your people in attaining their goals?

6. Are you hiring people who are smarter than you, who can evaluate situations and offer wisdom and experience to narrow the performance gap and accelerate the attainment of objectives?

Bob Prosen is president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement®, where he teaches business leaders how to rapidly increase performance and profits. He is listed in The International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. Visit his website at www.bobprosen.com.

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