Organization Can Minimize Travel Stress

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. That means that vacation time isn’t far behind!

Who doesn’t love hitting the road for a summer vacation? No work, no schedules, no commitments. Just fun, freedom, and relaxation…

Unless you’re not organized. Then, trying to get your family ready for vacation just adds to the stress levels in your already-busy life. No matter where you’re headed for vacation, it pays to be organized.

• Being organized saves time

Develop a master packing list for each person and keep it in your planner or on your computer. When the time comes, pull it out and start packing.

• Being organized saves money

Do you homework before you leave. Investigate special online deals and discounts. Shop for travel “must-haves” like toiletries and film at local stores – they’re much more expensive when you buy them at a resort or travel hot-spot.

• Being organized keeps you from stressing out

Create a Vacation To-Do List and break it out into time frames: a month before, three weeks before, two weeks before, one week before, 3 days before, the day before, the day you leave. As you complete each task, simply check it off. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you didn’t forget a thing. And be sure to check and double-check your tickets/itinerary (if flying) or your route (if driving). Nothing, but nothing, adds to vacation stress like airline errors or getting lost en route!

• Being organized lets you enjoy yourself

If you’re the Master Vacation Planner in your family, organizing your trip before you leave lets YOU have a vacation, too. Because when you didn’t forget anything, didn’t have to deal with travel delays, and got the best deals at every attraction, your vacation is bound to be a success!