Getting Your Hands Dirty

My friend manages a garden center and he told me recently that they haven’t been this busy in years! What’s behind this renewed interest in gardening, you might wonder? First and foremost is the current economic challenges that have affected many people. Faced with job losses and shrinking grocery budgets, people across the country are getting out, getting dirty, and planting a backyard garden!

For a relatively small investment, the produce that a backyard garden yields can keep a family of four – and a few of the neighbors, too – eating healthy for the whole summer. Longer, if you really get serious and freeze, can, or preserve some of your harvest.

So… what does backyard gardening have to do with personal planning and organization?

Your planner pages are the perfect place to keep a gardening journal. Track each seed variety you plant, when they sprouted, how well they grew, and whether you’d plant them again. Then next year, refer to your notes, plant the “winners” and add some new varieties to your garden plan.