Celebrate National Revise Your Work Schedule Month

With sky-rocketing gasoline prices and corporate layoffs quickly becoming the norm, what better time than now to give more thought to that long-forgotten dream of working from home.

Do friends and family envy your well-laid out scrapbooks? Can you write resumes like a pro? Asked for Aunt Millie’s chocolate cake recipe at every potluck you attend?

Everyone does one thing better than anyone else they know. Why not learn to market that skill and transform it into a profitable undertaking. Turn that hobby into a career!
Here are some tips to help you begin to make your dream of working from home into a real-life success story.

Set aside a small area in your home as your designated “office space.” If you don’t have a spare room to designate, that’s perfectly fine. It could be something as mundane as putting a partition and folding table up in the laundry room.

Believe it or not, some of the most inspiring works of art of our day began as ideas thought of after-hours in cramped quarters.

Once you decide on a place, you’ll need a plan. Start simple by writing a daily to-do list. Use this list in conjunction with your daily planner. Click here to check out our self-stick hot lists.

They’re what I use along with my 2-page-per-week notebook-size planner so that I don’t lose sight of my daily goals.

The yellow-border makes it hard to ignore and if you don’t get everything done in one day, these self-stick hot lists can be moved to the next day without having to take the time to rewrite everything from one day to the next.

All it takes to start a home business is one good idea. One good idea combined with a little know-how and careful execution and planning equals success.

Think those beautiful collages you make out of old magazine pictures are so easy to construct that no one would be interested in buying one?

Think again! While everyone may admire the finished project, not everyone loves the smell of rubber cement as much as you do.

Working from home may seem a difficult adjustment at first if you’ve spent the last 10 years in an office for 8 hours each day, staring at a computer screen, but once you get used to it, the benefits are seemingly endless. Working from home can give you more flexibility, freedom, time with your family, and less stress! So get your home-office up and running and start reaping the benefits!