Graduation Time is upon us

With the commencement season upon us, it’s time to help all the graduates celebrate their accomplishments with a thoughtful gift from the Day-Timer® Graduation Collection.

A business bag is ideal for both a student entering college or a young professional preparing to enter the workforce. And a quality personalized writing instrument is a gift that we be used and treasured for years to come!

And there’s no better way to help your favorite graduate move on to the next phase of their life that the organizing power of a complete Day-Timer Planning System.

In this challenging economy and shifting employment landscape, it’s never been more important to keep a well-organized contact directory. You never know when you may need to get in touch with an associate, a former coworker, or another professional contact.

Keeping the cards of your most important contacts with you in a business card holder in your Day-Timer® Planner gives you access to their contact information no matter where you are. And business card holders are a great place to store a few of your own cards to share with prospective clients, new associates, potential customers, and anyone else you may wish to be in touch with later.

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