No Door on Your Office? An Aura can Perform a Similar Screening Function By Trapper Woods

trapper-woods3An aura is defined as, “a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source.” Many aren’t aware they create their own time management aura that’s easily picked up by others. Fortunately we can create any aura we desire.

Create an aura that telegraphs the feeling you value your own time and the time of others very highly. When you do you will increase respect from others and reduce interruptions from others. When you don’t have a door on your office, an aura can perform a similar function.

An aura is built by indirectly training others in your time management style by how you respond to them. For example, immediately rescheduling drop in visitors on the spot rather than accommodating them. This telegraphs a powerful message that your space is personal and guarded carefully.

An aura is built one brick at a time and ultimately can become a very real time management firewall.

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