Keep Your Contacts Close at Hand

In this challenging economy and shifting employment landscape, it’s never been more important to keep a well-organized contact directory. You never know when you may need to get in touch with an associate, a former coworker, or another professional contact.

Keeping the cards of your most important contacts with you in a business card holder in your Day-Timer® Planner gives you access to their contact information no matter where you are.

And business card holders are a great place to store a few of your own cards to share with prospective clients, new associates, potential customers, and anyone else you may wish to be in touch with later.

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One thought on “Keep Your Contacts Close at Hand

  1. I have a planner especially for medical purposes. Both my elderly mother and I have medical issues, so I have, in my planner, each one of our doctor’s business cards (in the holders you provide). I also have a medical sheet which I made on the computer for each of us with all our medications, the dosage, all our previous surgeries, allergies, history, doctors names, addresses, etc, plus our blood type and contacts in case of emegency. This is very handy in case we happen to be in a wreck and emergency personnel need information on us if we are unable to respond. I also have our insurance cards and medical idenification such as my pacemaker ID and serial numbers. This way everything is in one place and all information is there if treatment is needed before family members can be contacted. Just be sure not to lose your planner!! But it is very handy for emergency medical personnel—-especially if we are in a different town. I find it invaluable. I also have a pad to to take notes when I am at the doctor an there are special instuctions. Also, a calendar with all medical appointmens in it is very helpful. This is the best way to keep eveything straight and accurate.

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