Improving your “Personal Brand”

May is International Business Image Improvement Month and many businesses across the world will be taking a look at how they can revitalize their brand loyalty and improve their image.

Why not use this month as a great excuse to improve upon your own “personal brand?” The old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, holds some truth.

Check out some of the tips below to get you started on improving your image, and learning how appearance can separate you from the pack in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

#1. Start by taking steps to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Start small – Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and begin keeping a wellness journal to record your daily menus and fitness goals. You’ll be amazed at how the new level of confidence brought on by healthy lifestyle changes will translate into other areas of your life.

#2. Sloppy attire is a definite “no –no” when you’re trying to project a professional appearance. Trade that tattered, cloth messenger bag for a respectable looking handled briefcase.
Many styles are available with an optional shoulder strap so you can still have that added functionality while maintaining a polished appearance.

#3. Start a blog or register your profile on one of the many social and professional networking sites that have been taking the world by storm. The more visible you are, the better. These sites can be a great tool for you to get others to see your talents and can also be a lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “Improving your “Personal Brand”

  1. A wellness journal is great! I have been keeping one for years — since before I became disabled. The really odd part is that I actually do more as a disabled person than I believe I did before. Disability meant taking some time to learn how to do things differently, it did not mean the end of my working life or my personal life. I did have to change directions, but that worked to my advantage. At the beginning I used my DTO to plan how to address the disability and its restrictions along with how I would go about changing work and personal activities so that everything “fit” and I could still be productive in some way…

    With the help of my Day-timer planner, then a computer and some classes at the local community college, I made the career change and found that my new line of work was more to my liking and more pleasant than working the usual 9 to 5 job. I am now self-employed as a contract bookkeeper, am co-owner of a single truck trucking company, and the manager of another single truck operation. I have enough time to do all that is needed each day and still have the energy and time to enjoy life.

    I have been asked how I got it all to come together so well and, frankly, I bragged about the Day-timer planner that my husband bought me as a birthday gift in 1989.

    Today, I still use that leather bound planner and I use it with my computers and cell phone. A totally organized person I will never be, but apparently that is how others see me.

    My laptop goes with me on business calls and the bag also has room for my planner and files. It is pretty! I admit that I refuse to carry an ugly bag even for work. My contract clients are impressed enough to keep me coming back to work for them and when a referral is made, the new clients are impressed with my abilities in spite of the disabilities.

    There is nothing like a Day-timer planner to get things together or keep them together.

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