The Good Ole Days

Click the link towards the bottom of this article to check out the  NEW Magna Pad!
Click the link towards the bottom of this article to check out the NEW Magna Pad!
Have you noticed that people are gravitating toward things that are familiar and secure, things that evoke powerful memories of happier, less complicated times?

Restaurants have scaled back on upscale gourmet, adding well-loved comfort foods to their menus. It’s easy to see why… who isn’t in a better mood after a big helping of mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, or mashed potatoes?

Now that we all have computers at our desks, don’t you sometimes yearn for the familiar tap, tap, tap of a typewriter? (On the other hand, who would willingly give up spell-check?)

And who doesn’t wish they could take a clipboard to their next staff meeting, without looking like their high school gym teacher? Clipboards aren’t much on style, but you can’t beat them for functionality! Their sturdy spring clip holds a whole sheaf of paper, you can take it virtually anywhere and still
have a solid surface for writing, and their hanging hook lets you post lists and schedules just about anywhere. For the minimalist, clipboards are the perfect blend of form, function, and no unnecessary extras.

Our nostalgia for simpler, less complicated times lead us to reinvent the clipboard as the MagnaPad. It offers the same no-frills functionality as your favorite clipboard, but it’s perfectly appropriate in any business setting: rich bonded leather in 3 colors, a sturdy writing surface, and an innovative magnetic 5-pin paper system to hold your choice of papers. (And it doubles as a tray to carry your mac and cheese back to your office from the company cafeteria!)