Start to “Green” your entire office…with little or no expense to you or the company

Set up a Recycling Committee at your office place. Need ideas for making sure everyone gets involved? Well that can be relatively easy and painless if you follow the simple steps listed below.

1. Send out an email or just spread the word throughout the company letting people know that you are setting up a recycling committee and are looking for members. Cost: $0!

2. Contact your facilities or maintenance team and let them know that you will need recycling containers placed near every department, – making it easy for all to pitch in.

3. With the help of your committee, create signs that you will place throughout the building and near the recycling receptacles explaining why they should recycle and what they should place in the bins.

4. Congratulate yourself! This Earth Day, you participated by helping to make your workplace more earth-conscious and eco-friendly.

5. Remember: most Day-Timer refills are now printed on 90% recycled paper!