Does it feel like you’re working more… and accomplishing less?

You’re not alone!

According to a recent survey of 1000 of our customers, here’s what we found:

• 60% always or frequently feel rushed and 34% often feel rushed. Only 6% rarely or never feel rushed

• On average, workers only accomplish 63% of their daily planned work

• 55% frequently postpone household cleaning chores to save time

• About 50% spend more time in a typical day reacting to problems or doing unplanned tasks

• Only about 25% make a written schedule and prioritized their daily tasks

• 20% of respondents said that they perform work-related activities while on vacation, including checking/replying to e-mail, reading/reviewing work documents, and checking/returning voice messages

• Only 51% of workers feel extremely or very productive

• And only 28% consider themselves very or extremely successful