Ruts, Routines, Rituals and Your Time By Trapper Woods

trapper-woods3These are the three R’s of time management.

Ruts are bad time management habits that should be eliminated. An example is preoccupation. Work to control these.

Routines are activities that need to be repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Systemize these by determining the best times, places and methods for getting them done. Then do them the same way every time. If you do you’ll be more efficient.

Rituals are personal techniques for putting yourself in the best state for accomplishing the tasks you are facing. An example is driving negative head talk out of your mind with positive affirmations. For example, “My presentation is going to go extremely well,” repeated over and over again.

Analyze your ruts, routines and rituals. Get out of the ruts, streamline your routines, and create some rituals. Your time will be more sublime.

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