On The Emotionality of Paper in the Age of Technology

In this “age of technology” it can be easy to overlook the positive effects of traditional paper-based planning and correspondence. It’s so easy to send out an e-mail at the touch of a button or record your daily to dos in your Outlook® calendar… So where do pen and paper fit in to your day?

It can be very soothing to take a breather while you record your thoughts in your daily planner. There is no electronic device that can quite compare to the feeling of holding your favorite pen in your hand and physically recording your thoughts on paper.

The act of actually writing down your thoughts, or sketching out an idea on paper, allows for a type of creative flow, that is quite different from punching a keyboard or using your “smart pad” to jot things down. Just the thought of doing so is soothing to the soul and therapeutic to the mind.

Technology has its place, especially during the workday, but the next time you need to send a more personal response to a colleague or loved one; think about sending a handwritten note instead. Imagine how the recipient of the note will feel, knowing you took the time out of your busy day to show your gratitude or just share your thoughts.

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