Calm the craziness – Use color-coding to manage busy family schedules!

w11309fSome days, even the best-planned schedule can derail! At that point, all you can do is shake your head, be flexible, and go with the flow…

But the rest of the time, you can go a long way toward controlling the craziness of a busy family by establishing a master family calendar. Since the kitchen serves as “command central” in most homes, it’s the logical place to hang a large scheduling calendar with plenty of room to write. To make it even easier, assign each family member a color and make them responsible for writing down the activities and events they have scheduled throughout the month.

Not only will schedule conflicts become immediately apparent, you’ll discover them in time to make adjustments and alternative plans if need be. Not only will everyone end up where they’re supposed to be, but you won’t be making a huge pan of lasagna on a night when no one will be there to eat it!

Get started on your color-coding system today with the Schedule Master. The roomy monthly calendar has large blocks for writing. The weekly calendar pad tracks multiple schedules by color. And if you need to pass out “reminders,” the color-coded self-stick notes are perfect.