Keep Your Most Important Appointment – Every Time!

Some days, your most important appointment might not be in a boardroom, in the boss’s office, or even on a conference call.

It might be in the bleachers, watching your MVP on the field. It could be at your favorite coffee shop, catching up on the week’s events with your best friend. Perhaps it’s sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a meal with your entire family.

No matter what your most important appointment is, when you mark it in your planner, you keep it “front and center” in your mind and manage your time to give it the attention and priority it deserves.

Strike a balance between work and life. Every day, somebody is counting on your to be somewhere. Don’t let them down – write it down and arrive on time!

One thought on “Keep Your Most Important Appointment – Every Time!

  1. If you have a cell phone, use the calendar and alarm functions to give yourself a reminder that you need to be somewhere.

    A paper-based planner can be used the same way, but the alarm function would have to come from elsewhere.

    At the computer? Get software that allows you to maintain a schedule and that will provide alarms for tasks that are time-sensitive.

    Use any or all of the above and it will be hard to miss important events.

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