Control Your Technology…Don’t Let It Control You Part 3 of 3 By Laura Stack MBA, CSP

laura-stack4Don’t let the web interfere. It’s easy to spend incredible amounts of time on the web and let it interfere with your personal relationships. Are your Internet relationships threatening your personal relationships? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you spend more time on the computer emailing with pals than you do with your significant other?

How would you feel if your spouse could read your email? Would any of it be considered flirtatious?

Are you visiting websites or chat rooms you wouldn’t want your spouse to know about?

Can you spend an evening with your partner without thinking about whether there’s email in your inbox?

Does your heart beat faster when you see a message waiting for you in your inbox from a certain email friend?

Set limits and stop communicating in affectionate ways with people who may interfere with your ability to remain committed to your partner. Tell your partner you’re sorry you’ve been so unavailable, and make steps to change. Don’t let the anonymity of technology let you cross boundaries you wouldn’t in person. If you’re single, get out and about and meet real people in real situations.

Be present. Avoid the tendency to multi-task at home. Some people don’t feel productive when they’re not doing four things at once (such as driving, talking on the phone, drinking coffee, and putting on makeup). If this describes you, shift your focus. You must be especially attentive with children. On weekends, turn off the technology, slow down, and reinvest in yourself. Don’t go to bed physically and mentally exhausted on Sunday night and expect to be alert and efficient on Monday morning. Draw the line somewhere.

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