We Want Your Feedback: Paper Planning in the Electronic Age Webinar

We hope you enjoyed our most recent eLearning Series Webinar, as presented by The Productivity Pro®, Laura Stack:

Paper Planning in the Electronic Age: Find a System That Works for YOU!

We’d like to know what you thought of the material covered in today’s webinar:

How do you plan?
How can you use paper and technology together?

Please feel free to ask questions about the concepts and products discussed during the presentation.

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5 thoughts on “We Want Your Feedback: Paper Planning in the Electronic Age Webinar

    1. Sorry, I just checked, and the presentation archive has expired. It is no longer available online! Our apologies. We have updated the blog accordingly.

  1. Thank you for making this available after the seminar was over. I found this out the day of the seminar a couple minutes after it had started. It was as useful as I thought. I learned that I need to keep my information in one place.

  2. The Webinar was excellent. I realized I am definitely a hybrid. I have been using both electronic in the form of a smartphone/outlook and paper. The task pad vs. task list were new to me, and I still haven’t quite figured them out. Thanks for the webinar it was very helpful, and I look forward to more in the future.

  3. I was very impressed with this webinar. It helped me in the following ways:

    -Reconciled my battle between paper vs. electronic tracking and planning. I can now be free to be a hybrid without the guilt of using only one system exclusively!

    -Taught me some new facets of and uses for Outlook:
    Journal (for Communication lists)
    Notes (for Category lists)
    Task Pad (vs. Task list)

    -Affirmed some planning methods I began to use on my own recently:
    Category lists
    Communication lists (next time I speak with … I need to mention…)

    Thank you Laura for a concise and informative webinar! I look forward to learning more from you, your available resources and the Day-Timer family.

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