Spring Cleaning: Organizing your office for today’s economic climate

Spring is in the air… The birds are chirping, the sun is gleaming brighter than it has all year, and the amount of daylight we have each day is steadily increasing. With many workers putting in longer hours at the office because of increased workload, and decreased manpower, office organization has become more important than ever.
Your office or cubicle space should be thought of as your home away from home and treated as such. Would you leave your dirty dinner dishes in your sink for days at a time? Does your Sunday paper lay sprawled across your kitchen table until Friday? Of course not! And why? Because most people realize the value of a neat, organized household. Surprisingly, many do not carry their positive habits from home to the office.

Challenge yourself to take a look around your office and discard all of the old, outdated files cluttering your desk drawers and desktop. Take a look in your mailbox and either read all of those trade magazines and business bulletins that have been collecting dust or place them in a common area where others can gain some value from them. Finally, remove all desktop clutter to create an open space where you are free to concentrate on the task at hand – whatever it may be.

These easy ways to “clean up” your workspace cost no money and will allow you to be more productive and creative. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to leave work while it’s still light out and get out there and enjoy the wonders of Spring with your loved ones.