How to Fine-Tune your Time Management Skills in Under 5 Seconds!

Each week, time management guru Trapper Woods will share an insider tip to help you make the most of your time.

trapper-woods2Today’s Tip from Trapper:

Become a Dedicated Note Taker to Save Time

Use a memory bucket (daily journal) where you note information you’ll need at some time in the future. Avid note taking saves time in a number of ways, including eliminating the need to check back with people and eliminating the fear of forgetting things. It also eliminates misunderstandings that might consume time. A great tool to use for note taking is a Day-Timer Journal.

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One thought on “How to Fine-Tune your Time Management Skills in Under 5 Seconds!

  1. I returned to my desk from consulting with one of my employees about a needed signage change which I couldn’t remember the details of and then started reading this blog. Such a timely reminder to me to work on notetaking for tracking!

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