Use Your Own Style, Adapt to Theirs By Trapper Woods

trapper-woods3“Flexicuting” involves understanding both activity management styles and the skill of walking the path of another person’s style to get things done.

There are two styles for executing what’s on our time plate. You probably know somebody who eats one type of food at a time. In other words they might first eat their chicken, then the potatoes and then the broccoli. They completely finish one type of food before proceeding to the next.

Some people clear their time plate the same way. They execute activities in linear order starting with what they consider to be the highest priority to the lowest priority. Hence the classic method of prioritizing – A-1, A-2, A-3, B-1, B-2 etc. These are the singular activity managers. They are effective and at the end of the day will have finished most of what is on their plates.

Others might take a bite of their dessert first. They alternate eating pieces of all portions on their plate moving from one to another. These are the simultaneous activity managers. Many are effective with this approach if they have good activity management skills and at the end of the day they too will have finished most of what is on their plate.

In our society, simultaneous acting managers are often made to feel guilty because they operate with less structure. Get over it! Don’t feel guilty because you don’t precisely follow the habits rules and laws of some time management gurus. We encourage people to use their own style but understand and adapt when working with another. If you are simultaneous you’ll use your time management tools in a more relaxed way, probably won’t write within the lines of your paper planners and you’ll hate being a slave to electronic tools. That’s okay! Whether you are singular or simultaneous, it’s not style that will determine your success or failure but whether or not you have the right activities on your plate in the first place. Work primarily in your own style but remember, a good flexicuter can use either style depending upon the circumstances.

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