Ask Jeff: Advice to Better Organize My Small Business?

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonWe continue to ask readers to send comments and questions about planning, productivity and time management, to Jeff Doubek. Your response has been fantastic. Here is an answer to a user question that might be of interest. Have a question? Ask Jeff!

Hello Jeff,

I manage a small but rapidly growing construction and manufacturing business, and I am having trouble juggling all the details. We do not have office/admin help so I don’t have anyone I can delegate these kinds of tasks to. I am somewhat tech savvy but also like paper.  Do you have any product recommendations for managing things from sales and follow up, call notes, admin, production and appointment schedules, to do lists, customer follow up, etc?

I try to follow the principles of PPR but can’t seem to stay on top of it all.  Any suggestions would be great.  Being in and out of the office on no set schedule is another factor to consider.

I have an Android phone, wireless wifi card for my laptop and am trying to decide the best ways to integrate these with paper.

Thank you for your time and the video and blog tips on Day-Timer’s site.


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