Ask Jeff Q & A – Readers’ Outlook Tips

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer Spokesperson

Dear Readers,

 Last eTalk, we discussed how to combine Outlook with your paper planner. The feedback on this article was fantastic so I decided to turn it around and let a few readers share their advice. Here are two great tips on using Outlook with your planner sent to me by readers:

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Reader Stays Organized with Alternate Use of Monthly Calendar

I’m in the same Outlook boat and pretty much do what Jeff suggests.  One important part of my system, however, is that I use my monthly calendar as a diary to record major meetings/events of the day after they’ve occurred.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember on which exact day a certain meeting occurred but I can usually pin down the month.  When looking for old notes, I first look to the monthly calendar to find the meeting I’m looking for then I can go right to the daily page to see the actual notes.

I’ve been doing this for a couple years and it works very well for me.  I do, however, need the two-page monthly calendar instead of the one-page monthlies that come with the refills to fit all the necessary detail. – PF

Tip for Printing Your Weekly Calendar from Outlook

Hi Jeff,

I don’t always enter my appointments on my daily planning pages.  I print out my weekly calendar from outlook, use the appropriate paper punch and insert it right into my daily pages, and move it as the week progresses. – LV

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  1. I use a combination of the two methods above. I use the fold out annual calendar to record out of town trips for my team and me so I know where everyone is. Also, I print out my daily calendars two weeks at a time, that way I can block time while at meetings. At the close of each day, I go back into my calendar for that day and update meetings and durations. Then print that day and the next so that I can keep on moving through my week, while knowing where I will be and what meetings I already have scheduled.

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