Toast to You: 10 Tips for a Successful New Year!

toastFrom everyone here at Day-Timer and the ACCO family of brands, we wish you a Happy New Year and hope you find success through better organization and productivity in 2013.

To start your year off right, here is a list of the top posts from the past year on the Day-Timer Blog:

1) Why You Should Sync Outlook Tasks with Your Paper Planner: Learn ways to combine the two most important planning tools in your life.

2) Time Tips: Quick, 2 minute video tips on topics such as making a better task list, and getting more productivity at work.

3) Today’s Productivity Tip: Improve Your Delegation: Redistributing your workload can be an easy and effective practice, if done correctly.

4) Ten Smart Spring Cleaning Time Management Tips: Start your Spring off right with these easy planning tips.

5) The 5 Minute Plan for Faster and Cheaper Grocery Store Trips: Get your plan together and reduce tons of wasted time and money.

6) Today’s Productivity Tip: Eliminate 5 Tasks: Here’s a great method for reducing your daily workload.

7) Today’s Productivity Tip: Hit Restart: Sometimes you gotta reboot your day when things aren’t going well. Try this…

8) The 5-Minute Plan for Organizing Your Tax Return: Tax time doesn’t have to be so scary – just have this plan.

9) Ask Jeff – Tip for Using Outlook with Paper Planner?: Answering a reader’s question about organizing their day.

10) It’s a New Year, start yourself on the right path to success – check out this Infographic!!!

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Jeff Doubek believes everyone can find new ways to better enjoy their time. Read the Day-Timer Blog for useful tips on time management and productivity that you can use today. Contact Jeff with any questions or comments regarding planning and time management tips using Day-Timer solutions.

3 thoughts on “Toast to You: 10 Tips for a Successful New Year!

  1. You would think that a company that makes calendars could figure out what YEAR it is. I received by refill set for Daytimers in December. Upon opening the package discovered that each of the 12 booklets were for — as stated on the cover — 2012! A company is supposed to be forward-looking but this is too forward! It would be amusing but given that I have had no response from the company, after repeated complaints, turns it from a silly mistake to another online-ordering scam, I fear.

    • 2014 NOT 2012 — in the response above I mistyped 2012 — the booklets are ALL DATED 2014

      • Hi Frances, I’m sorry you received the wrong product in your order. I assure you we have every intention of helping you resolve this issue. I have forwarded your message onto our Customer Service Manager and you should expect to be contacted shortly. If you continue to have issues, please feel free to contact me directly.

        — Jeff

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