Ask Jeff – May 2012

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonWe continue to ask readers to send comments and questions about planning, productivity and time management, to Jeff Doubek, Brand Spokesperson. Your response has been fantastic. Here is an answer to a user question that might be of interest.

Dear Jeff,

I have a busy life between working (I’m a nurse), going back to college for my BSN, and supporting my daughter and her 2 children (4 yrs. and 3 months). I need to be better organized so I’m looking for an organizer that will fit in my purse and replace my wallet, calendar, and my phone book. Any suggestions?

- DD

Hi DD,

You certainly have your hands full with work, school, and family, so it only makes sense that you find an all-in-one solution that will lighten your load a bit.

The best part about your request is that you want a planning tool you can keep with you at all times. This is an important key to time management success.

I think one of our wallet planners would be a great fit for you, and for anyone looking to consolidate the many moving parts in their life. It holds a pocket-sized planner with room to keep your to-do list, store your contacts, manage your schedule, and jot down notes.

Go check it out: Day-Timer Malibu Snap-Tab Wallet

FYI: if you don’t already, I highly recommend you use a 5 minute planning session each morning to bring much needed balance to your responsibilities and activities. It’s a opportunity to:

• Plan your daily schedule
• Review yesterday’s notes
• Choose your top priorities for the day

See this post for details: The 5 Minutes of Planning that Will Save Your Day

Enjoy your time,

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  1. Years ago you provided a portable cover that was 3/8 of an inch thick. That fit nicely in a suit coat inside pocket. You discontinued that and went to 1/2″ which does not fit. Could you please bring back the 3/8″?

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