Ask Jeff – April 2012

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonWe continue to ask readers to send comments and questions about planning, productivity and time management, to Jeff Doubek, Brand Spokesperson. Your response has been fantastic. Here is an answer to a user question that might be of interest.

Dear Jeff-

I am having trouble deciding between the weekly format in Journal or Desk form.  I like the selection of the desk size, but I prefer the improved portability of the journal size.

I am currently in between employers and would use the Day-Timer planner for daily/weekly planning.


Hi LW,

Thanks for writing. Choosing between wire-bound or loose-leaf refills is really a question of preference, and I can help you make this choice easier.

- Loose-leaf weekly planner refill: offers you flexibility with the ability to move pages around and customize your planner. For example, you might want to print out employer info and keep it in your planner, or be able to remove and file notes taken at a recent interview.

- Wire-bound weekly planner refill: gives you a more simplified experience. The wire binding’s thinner profile slips easily into a briefcase or purse, and makes it easy to flip back through months of notes by keeping your pages in a simple, consolidated form.

Please see our Day-Timer planner page selection page for more help on choosing the right weekly refill.

The 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ planner size is equal to a sheet of paper folded length-wise, so you’re going to benefit from having a portable weekly planner for both desk and on-the-go use.

Having a 2 page per week refill type, you benefit from keeping your entire week in clear perspective. It’s a great weekly planner for people with appointment or meeting-driven lifestyles.

Please feel free to email me directly if you have any specific questions about choosing a weekly planner refill.

Enjoy your time,